September 6 (Chuck): How do we feel when God says ‘No’? (direct download here)

August 16 (Leslie): Esther (direct download here)

June 7 (Johns): A Response to the Grace Movement (direct download here)

May 31 (Joe): Tithing in the Old and New Testament (direct download here)

May 17 (Bentley): The Privilege of Complaint (direct download here)

May 3 (Chuck): Sin, Confession and Reconciliation (direct download here)
April 26 (Robin): On Faith (direct download here)
April 19 (Pramod): Abraham and the battle at Siddim (direct download here)
April 5 (Vinoji): Update from Malawi (direct download here)
March 29 (Johns): A study of His Story through Geography – Part 3 (direct download here)
March 15 (Bentley): Psalm 23 & The Enduring Gospel (direct download here)
March 8 (Tomson): Isaiah 53 (direct download here)
February 1 (Johns): A study of His Story through Geography – Part 2 (direct download here)
January 25 (David): Luke 17 (direct download here)
January 18 (Jeff): The Destiny of Man (direct download here)
January 11 (Jacob): Overcoming the fear of Loneliness (direct download here)


December 28 (Tyler): The Power & Greatness of God (direct download here)
December 21 (Pramod): The Tribe of Judah (direct download here)
December 14 (Johns): A study of His Story through Geography (direct download here)
December 7 (Warren): Isaiah 42 (direct download here)
November 30 (Luke): Groaning or Glory (direct download here)
November 23 (Robin): Thanksgiving Message (direct download here)



June 23: Baptism Sunday
May 19 (Robin): Life is a Beach [slideshark]
March 31 (Bentley): Psalm 23:2 [mp3]
March 17 (Robin): Tripartite Man [slideshark] [download powerpoint]